Security Lighting

80W,100W LED Floodlight  (1)Here at i-Spy CCTV & Security, we’ve got a vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to security lighting to ensure that our customers are provided with effective, difficult to reach and subsequently vandal resistant options for their security lighting.

Security lighting has been proven to deter night-time intruders and can provide a sense of security and wellbeing for you. It is also clear that security lighting is a great way to alert you when unwanted visitors enter the grounds of your home or business. A simple standalone Passive Infra-Red light can be enough to deter an opportunist from burgling your home. It is well documented that Burglars will often target a property from a distance, looking for an easy option, but if your home is lit up or it is obvious that you have security lighting, then they will generally move on and look for an easier target. Should the worse happen and a Burglar is able to gain entry to your home, if you have a CCTV installation as well, the addition of security lights gives a much better opportunity to visually identify the perpetrators.

We can install systems to protect external doors and vulnerable areas such as rear gardens and garages. It can also be useful to illuminate pathways, dark driveways or car parks at business premises and reduce injuries caused due to trips and falls in poorly lit areas. During the winter months, some business car parks can be very dark and employees and visitors will feel more reassured working for or frequenting a business that has taken steps to install security lighting. Employees and visitors are also going to feel far happier arriving or leaving premises that are well lit.

A variety of solutions are available to suit your needs and these can include:

  • PIR Floodlights – The most common type of security lighting installed. These will switch on when movement is detected and are ideal for driveways, back gardens or large area to create unwanted attention. Available as low energy LEDs.
  • Lanterns – These can either be switched on from inside the property or activate on a PIR when movement is detected. They provide both a welcoming light and added security. These are ideal for front doors or porch areas giving the impression of activity inside the home.
  • Dawn to dusk sensitive – Photo cell technology means that the lamp stays on during the hours of darkness. This type of security lighting is ideal for the front of your home or business creating a constant illumination.

i-Spy CCTV & Security can offer a free consultation in connection with the installation of security lighting systems for both residential and all types of commercial businesses. It is essential that the security lighting is designed carefully as poorly arranged lighting can create glare which actually obstructs vision and studies have shown that many criminals are aware of this and actively exploit it. The optimal design will also depend on whether the area is going to be watched by a person or by a CCTV camera, and also on the location of the observer or camera.

Apart from the obvious benefits to be gained for security and safety, security lighting can also dramatically enhance the appearance of your home. It’s really important to choose lights that blends in with your homes exterior and that they are suitably positioned to create the best possible lighting effect. Furthermore, it’s also essential to ensure that the security lights are clean, well maintained and remain in the correct position.

Emergency Lighting

We also install emergency lighting which is battery powered, to provide light during the event of a power failure. This ensures that safety is maintained until the primary light supply can be restored or the building safely vacated.