Are Dog Thieves Targeting Your Area?

Pet Theft
Published: November 18, 2021

Dog owners are told to be on their guard after mystery stickers appear outside homes


A worried dog owner has taken to social media to warn fellow pet owners to be on the look out as mysterious stickers appeared outside homes in her area. The concerned animal lover found mysterious blue stickers outside her home and has put out a warning it may be thieves trying to snatch pets, particularly dogs, from their loving owners.

The Merseyside area has been targeted with small stickers that have been appearing outside homes with dogs in them. Many in the area fear it’s a way for criminals to steal pets, many of whom are much loved as well as being expensive breeds.

Blue Stickers

Those in the area have been worried by these events and have been sharing their own warnings on social media groups with the urgent message to dog owners across the UK to stay alert, WalesOnline reports.

One of the worried dog owners who found a blue sticker attached to her door, said: “Woke up to this on my door this morning. Never had anything like it before. I’ve obviously posted on the Crimewatch group only for head up to pet owners and to see if anyone has had similar.”

“I’ve had a few sarcastic comments but as I’ve said I’m not usually one for all this but just find it a bit odd.”

The small blue sticker had been ‘freshly stuck’ and the dog owner believes the colour indicates her dog is male.

She added: “Both my dogs are male, one being worth a lot of money. Just wanted to let people know here in case is something to be concerned about.”

This is not an isolated case as she is not the only dog owner who had their homeĀ  targeted with a blue sticker in recent days. Others have reported similar cases in the Birkenhead area in particular.

She said: “I really just wanted to let people know before it’s too late. It’s disgusting how we have to live.”

“Luckily I have a dog who wouldn’t let anyone a foot near the door but who’s saying he wouldn’t get poisoned or something?

“I know it’s far fetched but it happens and for what my new pups worth, it’s easy for them. This pup is worth more than everything in my home.”

How to protect your dog from being stolen

TeamDogs has published a full guide on how to protect your dog from being stolen.

Their tips include:

  • Make sure your dog is microchipped, and your details are up to date on the approved database.
  • Your dog should always wear a collar with your details on the tag when out and about.
  • Be careful with who you leave your dog with and who approaches your dog out on a walk.
  • If you let your dog off the lead, make sure you are confident in their recall abilities.
  • Secure your garden and any gates or entrance ways, both from people entering and your dog escaping.
  • Do not leave your dog unattended, for example, alone in a car or tied up outside a shop.

The woman has now installed CCTV cameras outside her property as a precautionary measure.

A visible alarm system is a proven deterrent for any would be criminal. Combined with a CCTV system, you can keep your furry friends safe and secure.

Source: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/uk-news/dog-owners-uk-warned-thieves-22180727?_ga=2.44911521.488697669.1637232729-1812164071.1637232725

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