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In modern times, it really is becoming more important than ever to keep our family, and our assets protected from danger and intruders. Sadly, locking our front doors, backdoors, windows etc is no longer enough for maintaining safety in our homes and businesses. Nowadays, the installation of additional security measures is becoming a necessity Contact us today.

Benefits of our CCTV System

Here are just some of the benefits of our CCTV packages

  • i-spy systems are specifically designed for home/commercial use and are very easy to use.
  • i-spy systems are expandable – we can install additional cameras for larger properties or commercial premises.
  • i-spy systems offer flexibility as they are suitable for both indoor and exterior use.
  • i-spy systems have automatic switching from day to night mode and therefore, no additional lighting will be required.
  • i-spy systems have a large recording capacity – up to 30 days of constant footage.
  • i-spy systems have motion activated recording – this extends the storage capacity further.
  • i-spy work is guaranteed for 3 years from the installation date.

Happy Customers

    5 star review  I-spy CCTV & Security was recommended to me, I was told Kev was very professional , he will tell you what the best setup would be for your property, what equipment he uses and what it does and he will show you the equipment. All so that his work was very tidy and he will respect your home. Well I have just had CCTV fitted by Kev and all the above is true. Great job done by Kev & team. Thank you very much. I would fully recommend I-Spy to anyone.

    thumb Matthew Cooks

    5 star review  Kevin is a true life saver. I had to replace the lock in my shop as an emergency. Called first to get a rough quote. Very polite and straight to the point guy. I'm useless in describing what lock I had fitted on a door but his questions didn't made. Me feel like a complete idiot and got him the information he needed. Quote was bang on. He did the job in no time and even cut spare keys for me. I don't think I could ask for anymore. Invoicing is all electronic so makes it all even easier. Good to know that Kevin takes card payments too and invoice is emailed to you in no time. If you need an expert locksmith that is reliable and not heavy on your wallet I'll be definitely contacting Kevin again. .

    thumb Robert Szymanski

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a CCTV Camera work?

Like a human eye, light enters through the pupil (camera lens) it hits the retina (image sensor) which processes the image into a signal. This signal is sent to the brain (DSP or chipset) where it is processed and adjusted depending on different light conditions.

What are infra-red LEDs?

Infra-red LEDs are used to illuminate a dark area a dark area for viewing. As light levels fall, the infra-red lights switch on automatically changing the image to black and white. The majority of cameras on the market now feature infra-red lighting, and with more LEDs you can usually expect an increase in illumination range.

Will bright daylight damage an infra-red camera’s LEDs?

No. Our infrared security cameras (which use LEDs) are designed for both low light and lighted use, so daylight will not damage them. The infrared LEDs stay off during the day while it is light out and then turn on at night in the dark when they sense that the light is low enough. Outdoor bright light use in the day will not damage them in any way.

How long will my system record for?

All data is recorded to a built in hard drive on the DVR (Digital Video Recorder), the bigger the hard drive, the longer your images will be saved. For example, a 250GB hard drive should record four cameras (depending on frame rates) for just over a week. Therefore, it will record one camera for over four weeks.

What happens when my DVR is full?

Nothing. Your Digital Video Recorder will record over old images when the hard drive is full. So if you have capacity to record for 30 days, on day 31, day one recordings will be deleted to make room on the hard drive for day 31 recordings.

What is remote viewing of CCTV?

Remote viewing allows you to view your CCTV cameras from anywhere in the world via your home broadband internet connection. You can view the images 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone

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