Did you know there’s a ‘Crime Night’?

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Published: November 25, 2021

When the clocks go back, crime begins to spike.


If you are a home or business owner without CCTV or an alarm system, you should take extra precautions as of November 12, the night referred to by police as ‘Crime Night’.

As we pass this night, people in the UK are more likely to be the victims of burglary. 300 cases of burglary were reported on this date this year, according to new research from Churchill Home Insurance.

An estimated £900,000 worth of valuables can be stolen on this one night, as the average insurance claim for a burglary is £2,700, HullLive reports.

As the clocks go back, crime increases.

Studying the home insurance claims from burglaries, Churchill found that crime related to theft from homes and businesses increased by 34% during the darker nights.

CCTV and Alarm systems deter criminalsNovember sees around 8 hours and 37 minutes of sunlight every day, nearly two hours less than October (10 hrs 32 mins). The extended hours of darkness provide extra cover for burglars, as many people are still at work when night falls.

“Some 37 million adults, 70 per cent of Brits, believe that their home is at greater risk of burglary during the darker months, with over three quarters (76 per cent or 15.8 million people) of older people (over 55) feeling the most at risk, compared to 65 per cent of those aged 18-34 (9.5 million) and 68 per cent (11.7 million) of those aged 35-54.” Manchester Evening News

Yet despite these troubling statistics, and the fact that people are worried about the safety of their home or business, people are still unwilling to make some simple and cost effective changes to stay safe.

Nearly half of the people surveyed (49 per cent) aren’t planning to install additional locks on windows and doors, while 54 per cent, that’s about 28.7 million people wouldn’t install smart security systems or a CCTV system to protect their home from burglary.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. I-Spy CCTV provide a wide array of home and business security options that don’t break the bank. Installed by our friendly and professional team, upgrading your security needn’t be a headache. We are here to help with your CCTV system and alarm system needs.

Churchill has provided tips to help people make their homes as safe as possible against the threat of burglary:
  • If you have a security alarm, use it. Burglars will be able to tell if the alarm is not used and serviced regularly so it will not act as a deterrent unless it is used.
  • As well as installing security measures like cameras and alarms, also ensure other items that may be used by burglars for breaking and entering, such as ladders or hammers, are locked away and out of sight.
  • If you are away, ask family, friends, or neighbours to pop around, leave a light on or invest in timed lights. Don’t make it obvious that no one is home.
  • Think like a burglar and see where the best points of entry to your home are and prevent anything happening. Make sure all windows and doors are locked.
  • Try not to leave packaging for new expensive goods outside your home. It is better to take it to a public recycling bin, as it can attract burglars and unwanted attention.

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