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Enhance your online experience and productivity with a fast and secure Wi-Fi or wired ethernet network. We also offer a 4G broadband installation.

Our dependency on connectivity has transformed Wi-Fi into an essential utility that we simply cannot live without.

At i-Spy, we have a wealth of knowledge in both traditional wired and Wi-Fi data networks and can help with any Wi-Fi issues you may have such as slow connectivity, black spots, interference or a weak signal which we know can be very frustrating!


Everything from smart phones, PC’s, laptops, tablets, stereos, games consoles and Sky or TiVo boxes work better and offer you far more when they’re connected to the internet. Nowadays the number and type of such ‘network capable devices’ within your home can expand daily and they all depend on an easy to use, reliable and secure home network.

The more devices which are connected to your home Wi-Fi network, the slower it can become which is problematic when different family members all want to use their own devices! It is very likely that the Wi-Fi router which was provided as part of your internet service isn’t providing the performance which your family needs. However, with a home wireless network solution from i-Spy we can implement the right system which is customised to accommodate your family’s entire device and connectivity needs.

We can design and install a wired Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi network for your home which will marry total connectivity with performance, ease of use and most importantly, reliability. Our networks are ‘open’ and ‘scalable’ which means that they’ll last and accommodate those devices which you own today plus those of the future which you’ll undoubtedly acquire over time.

The number of things that you will be able to do with a home network is long and grows on a daily basis but here are details of some of the most popular:

  • Parental controls/internet security
  • Game sharing and streaming
  • Stereo and home theatre system integration
  • Print sharing
  • IP CCTV cameras
  • Media streaming
  • Control your computer remotely
  • Share your files
  • Create a home server


Data is everything for your business – think about financial files, your client’s records and business communications. If the data cannot be accessed in a fast and reliable way then you are missing out. Your business needs a solid and well-tested network to keep data flowing and provide a seamless connection across multiple devices.

Having fast and secure wireless internet connectivity installed at your business premises can provide a range of valuable opportunities such as:

  • Improved production and collaboration
  • Seamless connectivity across multiple devices
  • Increased mobility and convenience
  • Team effectiveness
  • Online access for your business partners, visitors, vendors and customers
  • Staff can ‘hot desk’
  • Connect to cloud based services

Did you know that one of the most overlooked aspects of IT Support is the data cabling itself? Numerous IT issues can be directly associated with poor network cabling due to the cable length being too long, bad terminations and the type of cable required such as external grade or shielded.

Please don’t take a chance with your business network installation as our aim is to approach your business needs from your own angle as that way, you as our customer, will enjoy the very best solution from your network investment. We pride ourselves on solutions which will simultaneously simplify and improve your business processes. 

Wifi Network

Not very long ago wireless networking would have been the stuff of science fiction. But today it’s a common feature in many homes and offices. In order to achieve the best signal strength for any new Wi-Fi network, our engineers will carry out a survey and signal tests to identify the very best solution for your particular location.  For this reason most new Wi-Fi networks require a unique setup to achieve optimum coverage and the highest levels of security.

We supply and install small or large Wi-Fi network systems that will connect your computers, media devices, phones, smart TV’s etc to your Wi-Fi network allowing simultaneous use of your Wi-Fi internet connection anywhere in your home, garden, office or commercial building. We can easily boost, extend and increase the coverage or range of your Wi-Fi signals by installing solutions that will not just eliminate poor coverage issues which you may have but also increase your download speeds.

A well-maintained, stable Wi-Fi network is the key to the success of any home or business and we can provide you with this. Working with you we can install a Wi-Fi network which is suitable and effective for you and an affordable solution to the problems which you’ve been experiencing.

Wired Ethernet Network

If you are looking for a very fast and totally consistent home network then you really should consider having Ethernet cabling installed by i-Spy. This type of structured cabling network has been common for a long time in business environments but increasingly nowadays people are looking for a similar standard of connectivity in their home or home office.

Wi-Fi is fantastic BUT it simply cannot offer the same level of service as Ethernet which is much faster and there won’t be a single device in your home that comes close to using that sort of speed. This means that a network cable installation could future proof your home for many years to come.

Our installations use a variety of wired network cables; Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7 and we also install external and armoured cables. If it’s an internal installation we use low smoke zero halogen cables to reduce toxic fumes in the case of a fire.

You may think that an Ethernet installation will be disruptive but that’s not the case as there is a great deal of flexibility in the placement of the LAN cables than with other types of electrical installations. Cables can be easily hidden in walls, under the carpet or flooring and even in coving and because of the low voltage carried in the cable; there is no danger of receiving an electric shock. RJ45 wall plates (network faceplates) are available in a variety of styles and we can generally match your sockets or light switches in order to give a uniform look throughout your property.

4G Broadband

Did you know that 4G isn’t just for smartphones? It offers one of the best broadband solutions for more remote and rural properties and even where mobile reception is poor.

With reduced latency over the connection, 4G offers better connectivity for certain applications such as VPN and on-line gaming. It will also feel much faster when you are doing the day to day stuff like web browsing and online shopping.

In order to receive 4G broadband at your property we are able to provide a range of antennas and 4G routers for different types of installation that will then allow you to experience a fast internet connection.

Throughout the UK there are numerous 4G masts meaning that there’s likely to be one near to where you live or work. All 4G masts on the countries mobile networks are directly connected to the internet. These 4G masts can broadcast internet activity – without relying on telephone lines – to nearby 4G enabled devices and this isn’t just to smartphones or tablets but also to a 4G router which we will supply. We will fit an external 4G antenna at your property either on the side of your house or on a chimney, which will latch onto an available 4G signal and will then amplify it and send it onto to your router bringing you super-fast broadband.

Cables are used from the antenna to the 4G Router inside your house and as the 4G Router does not require a telephone line, it can be positioned anywhere you want, although it does require a power supply source. Then all that needs to be done is to switch on the new router, insert a 4G data SIM card into the back and away you go ….. Fast Speeds are incoming!

Please don’t worry if you’re not able to get a 4G signal on your mobile phone at your home because the high gain antenna we’ll install will link straight into your new 4G wireless router. Due to the fact that we will be bringing the signal from outside of your property this will have you covered with a fast internet connection.

4G coverage and speeds are improving all of the time and around 99% of all UK properties are within range.

Can 4G replace home broadband? The answer to that is IT DEPENDS.

4G broadband does have its differences, as you would expect from a technology that is the major alternative for where fibre or cable broadband cannot reach.

There are pros and cons of 4G so let’s take a look a look at them:


  • There’s no need for line rental. All you need is a 4G data SIM card and a compatible device.
  • Mobile broadband packages are often far more flexible – Some networks provide monthly rolling contracts or pay-as-you-go deals.
  • Speeds can be fast – in some areas faster than your home broadband
  • 4G broadband is portable so you can take your dongle, Wi-Fi hotspot or mobile phone anywhere – whether you’re travelling, moving home, streaming music in your car, or popping to a local café to do some work.
  • It eliminates the need to pay for home broadband, line rental and a mobile phone plan as by using 4G for your home broadband connection; you could potentially cut out some bills completely.
  • Single users who only use broadband for email and social networking can probably manage with a 4G service which could be more affordable.


  •  A family with two teenagers who watch lots of movies on Netflix, stream music on Spotify and play online games will probably use well over 100GB a month, and would benefit from having the fastest unlimited broadband they can get.
  • Mobile broadband is reliant on a strong network signal. The weaker the 4G signal the slower and more unstable the connection will be.
  • Performance can be unpredictable due to weather conditions and network traffic.
  • Data usage caps are often low and there are currently no mobile providers offering unlimited mobile broadband. 
  • You’ll need to keep an eye on your 4G usage as the speeds are fast and therefore, you will have the ability to consume much more data
  • Some broadband providers offer speeds of up to 300Mb and no 4G broadband will be able to match this.

If you’d like to know more about a 4G installation and receive a quote, please give us a call on 0117 251 0082.

We’re confident that we can provide you with a robust 4G connection so prior to installation we will have mapped your address and on the day, we will try and place the equipment in your desired location. However, should that not be possible, our installation team may have to check several locations on your property for the best reception. The installation consists of the placement of an external antenna and an internal router that needs to be located near to a power socket. The external antenna is attached to a low loss cable.

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