Access Control & Door Entry Systems

To ensure greater security, i-spy offer a range of door entry and access control solutions, suitable both for small and large scale environments, to cover all residential and business needs.

Access Control & Door Entry Systems

By controlling who enters your premises you gain the reassurance of knowing who is on your property and ensuring people and assets on your property are kept safe.

A door entry system provides an added level of security to residents and/or buildings by using caller identification to effectively maintain security of the building without compromising on ease of use. Speech based and video monitor systems, allowing users to hear and/or see callers before permitting entry, are available to meet requirements as varied as adding security to a home to managing entry for a block of retirement flats to linking multiple office blocks.

Access control systems offer a simple way to manage access to buildings or areas within/outside buildings, and usually operate on a card or key fob mechanism. Authorised users can be issued with a relevant card or fob which, when swiped or held up to a reader, allows access through a restricted door or entry way while maintaining security the rest of the time. We can provide flexible access control systems from restricting access to one door or entry point, to more complex requirements including multiple door entry and restrictions on timing. An access control system can help you protect your visitors, staff, property, sensitive information and help keep your building secure.

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