Roller Security Shutters & Grilles

Whether you need small window shutters for your home or to keep your ground floor office secure, oversized rollers shutters for an industrial garage or grilles (retractable or fixed) for a retail unit or reception area, you can rest assured that i-Spy are the company to call on.

We can supply and install both Domestic and Commercial roller security shutters and grilles and offer a range to suit different requirements, including security, steel and fire shutters which are designed to complement all types of houses and business premises from garages to retail units.

There are many types of security shutters available providing different levels of security protection from low to high risk and they are perfect for Domestic and Commercial use. They’re available in a variety of colour choices with fixed or remote access control option ensuring the safest and easiest control methods and are made to order. You can integrate your shutters into a home automation or independent control system if required. Our security grills are either retractable or fixed and again are made to measure.

Our installation team deliver a very high standard of service each and every time and therefore, you can be sure that we back up our exceptional level of installation with a professional and reliable after care service which will ensure that your security roller shutters and security grilles remain secure and functional for many years to come.

Roller Security Shutters for your Home

Prevent vandalism and forced entry to your home with physical security.

Nowadays roller security shutters are a very popular addition to homes throughout the United Kingdom. Long gone are the days of rusty and rattling steel shutters which you may have seen on run down properties and the ranges which we offer are high quality, continental style security shutters, with all the benefits of some shutter models having insulation within the twin walled curtain construction. High quality paint finishes also make the world of difference when it comes to blending the shutters in with the building which they are being fitted to.

The vast range of security shutters we can offer for windows, doors and garages are available in both solid and ventilated slats with perforations or larger punched sections allowing for maximum light and vision when required on the entire curtain or just a section for some vision at eye level. We can also install insulated roller shutters which will help to reduce heat loss which in turn could help to save you money on your fuel bills!

Our lower level security shutters for the home provide both adequate levels of security and a stylish visual deterrent to would be intruders. They also provide excellent levels of weather protection, heat and old insulation and sun light control into a room. Our domestic security shutters can be powder coated in any colour which will enable them to inconspicuously blend into their surroundings.

The higher level security shutters are mainly double skinned extruded slat shutters with far stronger side guides than a ‘normal’ shutter and have very strong curtain sections. A level 1 LCPB rating ensures compliance together with a tested level of resistance with assured installation techniques. 

By having roller security shutters installed at your home, you’re not only providing a physical barrier to would be intruders but if you are away from your home for long periods of time, you will have reassurance and peace of mind that your unattended home will be safe. 

Security Grilles for your Home

Windows installed throughout your home are typically the weak link in your security because unlike your average door, windows are made almost exclusively of glass, allowing entry simply through the use of force. And even if using toughened glass, the weak link then becomes the windows frame and ancillaries.

When it comes to protecting your home, you can rest assured that our domestic security grilles will provide the ultimate home security solution – they were created as a practical response to the growing need for burglary protection.

The security grilles which we can supply and install have been specifically designed with appearance and safety in mind, without compromising on strength. Domestic security grilles are fixed in all four corners to form a continuous frame for added protection against forced entry. This type of system can easily be unlocked in the event of an emergency and can be left drawn and locked at night meaning that you can sleep soundly with your window wide open without fear of intruders.

Some benefits of having i-Spy security grilles installed include:

  • Our domestic security grills let in light, allowing a clear view outside even when it’s fully drawn.
  • They are maintenance-free with an easy sliding action.
  • There are no ugly boxes and frames on the outside of your property – you can just stack the security grilles back behind the curtains when not in use.
  • Domestic security grilles are ideal for bungalows, ground floor flats, conservatories and patio doors.

Roller Security Shutters for Commercial Premises

Roller shutters are popular with our commercial clients because of their versatility and the high levels of security they offer.

To protect your business from intruders we can offer custom built roller shutter doors which offer the neatest possible solution to securing most small, medium or large openings. They are available in practically any size and specification depending on many different factors such as the requirement for insulation, whether they need to be fire rated, the type of glazing, the opening speed and your preference of construction in steel or aluminium. Furthermore, they can be supplied and installed completely unfinished if function is more important than appearance or in a variety of different colours.

Regardless of the size, whether you want to secure a few small windows at an office, a large factory entrance or a shop front, we will visit you to take all necessary measurements to then build your tailor made roller shutters which will provide you with the neatest possible solution for securing different sized openings.

Security Grilles for Commercial Premises
(Retractable & Fixed)

Many UK businesses report that they feel vulnerable to vandalism and attack on a daily basis, especially in the darker winter months and in larger towns and cities. Therefore, installation of security grilles can help give maximum protection and strength against an attempted forced attack.

We can supply and install external or internal retractable or fixed security grilles for windows or doors and retractable security gates designed to protect your business. Our grilles and retractable gates are supplied in white or black as standard but can also be powder coated to a high standard in a variety of coloured finishes as an optional extra plus there’s the option of an extra protective coating if the grilles are to be fitted externally.

With the highest levels of security in mind, whilst maintaining a high level of quality and finish, we supply the Seceuro range of products, namely the SeceuroBar, Seceuroshield and Seceuroguard systems. The simple and effective principal of a retractable steel security gate or grille has been around for years and the Seceuro system is one of the highest quality security grilles with galvanised component

SeceuroBar – Removeable Window Bars

The SeceuroShield removable bar system is a removable vertical bar system using a simple and very effective top and bottom guide section only with a hollow section to accommodate the individual bars which can be easily removed once released using a key lock. These are ideal for use in situations where the bars need removing, available in all sizes up to 3000mm wide & 2100mm high with a tough white finish as standard and other colours available on request.

Seceuroguard Retractable Security Gates

The Seceuroguard 1000 range offers high quality made to measure retractable security gates for windows and doorways alike with an almost limitless size range and single or bi-parting opening options. The gates are constructed of galvanized steels and also powder-coated to a high standard in a wide range of colours. Features such as lift up bottom tracks, hinged aside stacks, optional bottom tracks and various lock positions all make this the only security gate to consider at your business premises. Fixed grilles are also an option if the gate never needs to be opened at all.

The Seceuroguard 1000 is ideal for retail premises, offices and commercial premises fitting in front of or behind glass or where a manual lower cost option of physical security is required with single or multi users. Unlimited widths are possible using sections that can lock together on wider openings. The level of light and vision is also very good with these type of security gates when they’re closed.

The Seceuroguard 1001 is a level 1 rated ‘secured by design’ version of the standard 1000 security grille and offers all the same options including the choice of an S or X lattice design for the gate. The 1001 has to be fitted in a specific method to enable certification to be valid.

Secured by Design is the official Police flagship initiative which supports the principals of designing out crime as much as possible with effective crime prevention and certain security standards which are tested and approved. Even if the certification is not required you can rest easier knowing these security grilles are tested to a level of resistance perfectly adequate for most commercial premises with a long time required to break through and gain entry along with a lot of noise!

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